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Newgate Instruments in hiring!

Newgate Instruments is currently looking for a Production- Fulfillment Coordinator. Download full job description.

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77th Annual Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course

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Shawn Watson, Newgate Instruments President, is also the deputy chair of the Communications and SCADA classes at the event. Download the program for more information.

July 31 – August 3, 2017

Robert Morris University, Moon Township, PA

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Press Release:

Newgate Instruments Names William Tourtillotte Operations Manager

East Granby, Conn., March 12, 2018 –  Newgate Instruments LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Joining Industries, has named William Tourtillotte Operations Manager effective March 1, 2018.  Tourtillotte is responsible for overseeing and directing daily operations for the company, which designs and manufactures devices for remote pipeline monitoring in the energy industry.

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Press Release:

Newgate Instruments Announces Management Appointments

East Granby, Conn., April 20, 2017 –  Newgate Instruments LLC has announced the appointment of two employees to key management positions in the company effective April 1.  The company designs and manufactures devices for remote pipeline monitoring in the energy industry.

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The Permian Basin Petroleum Association Magazine:

Plugging into the llOT
September 6, 2016 – By Bailey Leroux

The JT400’s power demands are low enough that a small attached solar panel with a small battery pack supplies all the power needed. In fact, the battery pack can run the unit for up to 100 days without recharging. Of course, there are pretty much never 100 consecutive days in West Texas where the sun doesn’t shine.”

Transmitting data every 15 minutes instead of continuously also saves power, Mayer noted.

The pressure transmitter also has a USB port that allows personnel to plug a computer directly into it to calibrate the unit and to set up the intervals for data calculations. “If you lose transmission, you have up to 30 days to collect the data locally,” said Mayer.

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Newgate was featured in Oil & Gas Product News:

Newly energized

“As promising as wireless technology has always been for remote well sites, power issues tended to undermine past efforts to apply them. Unlike wired connections, wireless equipment must be self-powered and it’s not realistic to plan to travel to wells every few weeks to replace the required batteries. The more wells operators have, the more costly this becomes. However, wireless devices can now operate on tiny amounts of energy, allowing them to run for years with small, inexpensive batteries. New tools such as battery life calculators allow operators to anticipate battery life in order to avoid unnecessary trips to wells to replace batteries.

Wireless transmitters have always been well-suited to ‘slow’ processes, such as those requiring one-minute sampling intervals. However, recent breakthroughs in power technologies now permit wireless transmitters to handle much higher update intervals (as high as one second), while operating for many years between battery replacements.

The long battery life that is typical among wireless transmitters today will appeal to all process operators, but is particularly important to field operators, who need multiple years of operation between battery replacements. In the past, this has eliminated wireless transmission as an option in remote areas when it comes to dynamic flow measurement and process control applications, which demand frequent updates. However, the dramatic improvements to battery life have changed the landscape, providing new technology as attractive options for most operators.”

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Natural gas production experiencing a ‘golden age’ of wireless data collection